The 100 Mile Club is a community-based program filled with opportunities for our 100 Mile Club community to earn miles together. "Together" is the focus of 100 Mile Club. Although not everyone can make every before/after school time offered at school, or every "extra" community event made available, the invitation is there for everyone - the invitation to join together at a specific time and place to work on their common goal and to embark on their journey together.
     Community events are opportunities for students to be connected outside of school time. We understand challenges related to transportation and registration fees, therefore adding local free opportunites hosted by various schools is a priority. Races that are hosted in, and benefit, our St Vrain community are added to the 100 Mile Club calendar as well. Races outside our community can be added by request. 
     "On your own miles" do not support the philosophy of the 100 Mile Club and create disconnectedness in the journey. Students are encouraged to be active with their families, join a sport or club, participate in races that are not 100 Mile Club sanctioned events, etc., but those miles do not count towards the 100 Mile Club journey that St Vrain students are taking together - as a team. This holds true for all 100 Mile Club participants including students, parents, teachers, etc.  
To read Kara Lubin's thoughts in her own words (Founder of 100 Mile Club), please visit her blog entry on the 100 Mile Club website: